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Sudoku, hexadoku and chaos sudoku solver online. helps you solve and play all the sudoku puzzles that you set yourself, as well as 40,000 pre-set puzzles on the site.
You can also use this solver to help you create and check your own puzzles...

The site offers 60,000 free irregular sudoku grids, called "chaos sudoku", to print and play online.

The site also provides 60,000 sudoku puzzles of 25X25 squares to print called "alphadoku".

Three interfaces are being translated:
  Solving Sudoku 16X16 grids, called "Hexadoku", on line.

What can our solvers do at once at your request?
  View all the candidates marked for all the squares in the grid you are playing.
  Solve a grid with the candidates entered by you or automatically.
  Give you the full resolution of the grid in progress, specifying whether the solution is unique or not.
  Solve the squares one by one.
  Identify the next square to find.
  Check the consistency and soundness of the grid project without giving you the solution.
  Allow you to print your grid at any time
  Save the grid in progress
  Reload the grid and resume previously saved game.

The page General help summarizes the four basic methods for finding the solution for one square.

If you would like to receive advice on the Sudoku program, send us your question. The team of top-sudoku will respond.

You can help us improve this site by sending us your comments or suggestions.

The team of top-sudoku thank all Internet users who have sent their suggestions.

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